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Practicing for more than 40 years each in the field of law, Len Schwartz and Steve Slotnick combined forces in 1981. With a secondary intention of sharing office space and costs to keep client fees down, their primary reasoning was and still is their shared philosophy to always take a very personal interest in every client.

They continue to practice their philosophy by:

  • Staying apprised of each others’ cases in the event of an illness or vacation time
  • Collaboration on all cases so that your case garners the attention of two attorneys, not just one
  • Referring cases outside their specialty to meticulously chosen colleagues
  • Obtaining and constantly upgrading research tools that many comparably-sized, locally-based legal offices do not
  • Continually investing in and upgrading to cutting-edge computer and communication technology
  • Accepting credit cards: American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard

Len and Steve have conveyed their philosophy to their staff, most of whom have been with them for an average of 10 years; all of whom have a wealth of experience in their respective fields. Len and Steve constantly hear from their clients how helpful and nice their staff is to them.


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